PADI-DSAT Gas Blender Course

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PADI-DSAT Gas Blender Course

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Dive Equipment

• Tanks, weights, gas fills

• Mask, fins, Back-plate, wing, regulators x 3, dive computers, dsmb, reel & finger spool, thermal protection, flashlight, dive planning software
• See course description sheet for more specific equipment requirements

• Students can rent all required equipment for training.
• Cost: $75 per course


• Minimum age of 18 years old,
• DSAT Tec 65 certification or equivalent
• Rescue Diver (including proof of training in CPR and first aid within previous two years).
• A minimum of 150 logged dives.

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PADI-DSAT Gas Blender Course

The course is designed to provide information on the safe handling of oxygen, and the preparation of both Enriched Air and of Trimix for diving purposes. It gives an insight into oxygen cleaning and inspection procedures, production of oxygen compatible air, the various blending methods and systems a blender may come into contact with, and hands on blending experience.

Price (2 days or $300 for full Trimix Blender)


Includes: the DSAT Gas Blender Student Manual and the Mix Calculator CD-Rom blending software

Specifically, classroom work will cover the following topics:
• Properties of oxygen
• Suppliers and methods of obtaining oxygen
• Oxygen Service and cleaning protocols
• Inspection procedures
• Partial pressure blending system design
• Production of oxygen compatible air
• Air quality testing
• Blending methodologies – which one is for you?
• Production of helium based mixtures
•Use of software and longhand blending calculations
Practical work includes:
• Overview of a partial pressure blending system
• Oxygen cleaning and inspection workshop
• Blending of both Enriched Air and Trimix fills.

Certification is upon completion of the Gas Blender exam, and on mastering of blending techniques ie/ producing at least five blends to within an analyzed accuracy of 1% of the desired blend. Candidates must also demonstrate a mature and responsible attitude towards the handling of gases to the satisfaction of the instructor.