Underwater Photo Gallery

Horizon Divers – Key Largo, Florida
Horizon Divers takes guests on a tour of the most beautiful Florida Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Sites. Guests will be amazed by the gorgeous scenery, exotic fish, and stunning colors of the Key Largo reefs. Browse the gallery below to see some of the stunning sights divers have captured on film during previous dives with the Horizon Divers crew. The fun, enjoyable dives with Horizon Divers allow guests to experience the Key Largo reefs for a full hour. Horizon Divers guides make each guest feel like part of the family and give a friendly, professional dive. Horizon Divers is PADI and TDI certified, making each dive as safe as it is fun. Guests are invited to film and photograph their underwater adventure. To schedule a scuba dive or snorkeling tour for your group, contact Horizon Divers today. The Horizon Divers crew is waiting to take you on your very own underwater adventure!