TechnicalInstructor TrainingPublic Safety Diving
Technical diving and diving instructor certification is the most advanced diving training that we offer on our Key Largo Florida Scuba Diving Training & Tours. If you love diving and you want to turn this interesting hobby into a career, you can become a technical diver or a diving instructor. This specialized training will allow you to dive up to 350 feet or deeper. At this stage, you will need to learn about advanced swimming techniques, how to use specialized equipment, and how to prevent decompression sickness.
Instructor Training Through our diving instructor classes, you will learn the most advanced diving techniques and you will learn how to train others.
Public Safety Diving Will open up new doors of career opportunity. You may be a forensic diver and work for police or investigative agencies to uncover evidence; a structural diver investigating the integrity of underwater structures; a search and rescue diver; or specialize in another aspect of diving.