Single Tank Shallow Reef/Wreck Night Dive

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Dive Description

Night dives at Horizon Divers are 1-tank boat trips which can be scheduled to go out any night of the week. The only requirement the dive shop has is that night dives must have a minimum of 6 divers for the trip to depart. Typically night dive trips visit one of our shipwrecks. Typically the dive shop is able to get a night dive out on Saturday night. If you are interested in doing a night dive, simply let the person at the shop check-in desk know. The trip will include the use of air tank, weights, and weight belts. Your boat comes with fresh drinking water and ice.

Dive Schedule

Frequency and Availability

Dive Schedule – Frequency
• Any night of the week, but mainly Saturdays
• Must have a minimum of 6 divers for the trip to depart

Checkin, Departure and Return

Check In time is at the shop – Time TBD
• Dive Boat leaves the dock at 1 hour before sunset
• Estimated Return To Docks is 2 hours after departure

It is the responsibility of the individual diver to maintain his/her knowledge and skill levels through practice and education. One of the most important items you need on a dive vacation is, ironically, the most forgotten. YOUR CERTIFICATION CARD. Don’t leave home without it!

Pricing and Reservations

Single Tank Shallow Reef/Wreck Night Dive

Includes T/W/Belt
$95 per Person +Tax
Boat riders only
$50 per Person +Tax
What's Included

Included Equipment
• Tanks
• Weights
• Weight Belt

For Additional Required Equipment
• Rental Equipment Available on Site

What's NOT Included

Base Pricing Excludes
• Dive Gear: BCD, Regulator, & Wetsuit (rentals available on site)
• Snacks and other beverages besides water
• Tips to crew
• An in-water divemaster/guide is NOT included

Optional Add-ons

Any diver who desires or requires more personal attention should consider hiring a Dive Master or Instructor to watch over and guide them or their small group.

Rates are as follows: $40 for 1 person, $25 per person for a group of 2 or more, and $100 for private guide (in addition to normal guide fees).

30% EANx tanks available for an additional $15 per tank


In order to participate in any of Horizon Divers Dives Trips, you must meet these minimum qualifications

• At least 10 years of age
• Good physical health.
• Must be a Certified Diver or Jr. Diver, Advanced or higher for the deeper wreck trips (unless you hire a guide)
• Divers who have not logged a dive within the last 2 years will be required to complete a refresher program prior to joining any scheduled dives.
• Children under the age of 18 must participate with a parent or guardian, or hire a guide with a parent or guardian approval/signature.

Please note: In the interest of your safety, and to meet insurance stipulations, please be aware of the following requirements

• If it has been more than one year since your last scuba dive, you will be required to dive your first dive accompanied by one of our instructors.
• If it has been over 2 years since your last scuba dive, you will be required to take a Scuba Tune-Up course or refresher.

Photo Gallery

Night – Single Tank Shallow Reef/Wreck Dive Trip